Funny and 100% true. Seek Purpose started as a prayer in the shower and the undeniable voice that spoke back saying “your story, My glory”.  With this exciting concept in hand, the mission was on to find out what God was calling us to create.


After hours of phone calls, several designs and redesigns, 4 failed podcast episodes and some last minute tweaks, Seek Purpose the Podcast was born.  There is no way we could have predicted what could come from that point forward.


Now we are close to launching season 2 and Seek Purpose has become so much more than just a podcast. We have and are creating workshops, events, blog posts, an apparel line and are taking on projects that allow us to give back to the recovery community in ways we couldn’t even imagine.  


We chose a black and white theme, for our branding, to symbolize the journey from darkness to light. Our logo font was chosen because of its brokenness. We have found our greatest assets can be the parts of us that are the most broken. Finding purpose through the pain is a big reason why this businesses was created.  


For 2020 we are looking at bringing you a lot more video content, events and opportunities to get involved in a big way. We are looking forward to some amazing partnerships that will offer more resources and opportunities to anyone seeking purpose in their recovery.


From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank all of the supporters who have joined us on this journey. We could not be where we are today without you.

Co-Founder & Co-Host

Addiction had me for 10 years. It was my only solution to the pain of feeling unwanted, unworthy, insecure and uneducated. For years I struggled to find worth in my existence and until I found a program of action, that radically transformed my life, I felt hopeless, useless and full of fear. One day in that state of mind is too many when there are solutions out there.


If you are seeking purpose in your recovery and you need access to support, resources and a community to cheer you on Seek Purpose Collective was created for you!

Co-Founder & Co-Host

The pains of my past do not control me any longer, it is a part of me which I embrace.  I grew up in a broken home and witnessed the lethal progression of alcoholism in my Step Parent that caused a tsunami of hurt in our Family.  The effects of that one alcoholic runs deep in me.  I had no coping skills to deal with it, and internalized everything.  I became a very withdrawn young girl thinking more how to end my life than how to live it.  I discovered Alcohol and Drugs in my teens and found a temporary solution, however what I thought I would never become, I became.  I did not have any ability to cope or even understand the deep anger, rage and hurt that lived in me.  I lashed at others and was an empty shell inside carrying for no one but myself.  The more I tried to get it together the more I failed and was left defeated and broken. 

It was not until I heard someone share their story and how they healed from their broken that I identified and then felt like it was okay for me to heal as well.  I was 23 and have not looked back since. Today I am free from those haunting voices and the need to seek love in other things. I have scars yes, but I have learned through the years of Recovery and Healing those scars are what make me beautiful. 


I used to hate on a God religion made me believe in growing up and found a God that lives in me and continues to evolve and grow around me.  It is through that relationship I have found Peace about living with the disease of Alcoholism.  I have lived over half my life Clean and Sober and have a Passion for life and helping others that burns inside me every day! I show my gratitude by helping others.. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and Gramma..and Family is my life!  It is an incredible journey..I am so excited about this next part of my journey and sharing it with all of you!  


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We can not wait to connect with you. 


Our Podcast Studio is located in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

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