Christmas is fallen away, New Years has passed and now Winter is here! Well the Winter Blues I mean. How many of you are feeling bogged down? Feeling heavy weighted and overwhelmed? How many are feeling those grey days? Reacting to others moods around you? Walking with a scowl, or what some like to call ‘a resting bitch face’! LOL.. and THOSE BILLS..gosh those bills. Slowly isolating away from friends, family and God. Barely making any effort in working our programs of recovery? What about all those New Year's resolutions? Gosh what even happened to those Fall Goals? The more we think of what we haven’t done, the less we are thinking about what we have done.

The feelings of being overwhelmed, uncomfortable in our skin, and feeling like a failure begin to creep in again. They are incorporating themselves right in the middle of every thought of every thing in our day. The mouth service begins telling everyone we are good, but inside we are no longer able to feel anything..numbness sets in, worry, and panic. Before you know it we are into full blown WINTER BLUES, and headed for a relapse.

How do we get back to finding the joy and gratitude? How do we get connected and focused again? Where do we even start?! Here is a very short list I use to get out of my Winter Blue mood, and it has not failed me yet! I also combine this with my 90 in 90 plan. But the 90 in 90 can be really overwhelming at I begin really just carving out 15 minutes in my day. It’s really easy! Keep reading..

What you will need

1. At least 15 minutes alone

2. Essential oil, crystals or candle

3. Good set of comfy PJ's (I knew you'd like this part! Hehe)

Then Try this


Sit or lie down in quiet. Take in a deep long breath saying to yourself 'Higher Power come in' or 'God come in' or 'good energy come in' ....blow out very slowly all the negative Energy or what I like to say breath out me. Breath in God, Breath out Me...Do this 6 times


Think of the things that are making you blue, upsetting you and visualize yourself wrapping them up and putting them into Helium balloons, or visualize yourself placing them at the foot of the Cross, or visualize yourself blowing them away like dandelion seeds on a spring day or Burn them in a glorious Fire! Just Blow them away! Let them go, hand them over to

that Energy, that Higher Power you have, or to God. Release them all... (Take 5 minutes only )


Now think of something that makes you feel loved, cared for? It could be getting a hug? Someone really listening to you? Or someone calling you letting you know how important you are to them? Or having a bill paid! Or maybe its getting a 'just because gift' or flowers? or a colouring picture from your child? Or that unexpected Date planned by your hubby/wife! Okay, spend sometime now with your eyes closed thinking of something you'd love to have done for you. At this time you may have those 'SQUIRREL'S joining you! LOL.. the to do list for the day just popped into your head, not to mention that naked mannequin lol..that 's okay, just try and focus and know if you practice this enough the squirrel's tend to go away. (Take 5-10min)


Keep your eyes closed and continue to visualize a couple things that make you feel loved. Those actions or events that make you feel so so good!! Take your time here..if you feel like crying, cry! If you feel like giggling, Giggle! Just Feel how good those things Feel just thinking about them! (Take 5min)


Now you know what makes you happy & loved, GO and give that shit away to someone right now!! Make it your JFT mission (Just for Today) to think of others more than your own damn self! Leave that garbage that was weighing you down on your Higher Powers lap! Think God is big enough to handle it all! Just spread the Love! JFT. Call someone and let them know how much they mean to you? or Maybe its paying for the Family's Dinner order behind you at the Drive Thru? or Maybe its really really listening to your child? Like stopping and really playing with them, get into there world for a minute! Ask questions, be engaged with others

today or plan that date with your special someone! Go have an impromptu visit with your Mom/Dad/Sister/Brother/Grandparent and do something nice for them, making it clear you want nothing in return! Maybe its time to visit that high school teacher and thank them for making a difference in your life? Be creative & most importantly have fun! Bring love into the world ...JFT!!


That's right, what are you still here for? GO! The world needs your incredible, joyful, loving beautiful soul spreading all your goodness in it! You are no mistake! You are needed and wanted. You are Great! You are Loved! JFT serve others, love on others today more than you ever have and see what happens! Oh, just wait and see..... Trust, Believe and Let Go...

Lets all spend sometime this week practicing this little exercise and see how it can change your mindset and improve your day and your Recovery Journey!

Love to hear from you! Comment or share your experience spreading the love!


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