Senses are the Defence

Updated: Apr 4

Mindfulness & Thought Intervention

In this day and age we can’t help but multi-task at every given moment. Personally, I can’t even write this without listening to music. As a matter of fact, I watch TV and look at my phone and I also eat while I read. Focusing on one thing can be extremely difficult. As a matter of fact, it’s quite natural to ignore our thoughts. By learning how to pay attention to our senses though, we learn so much about ourselves. Our senses are not only incredibly intuitive of ourselves but also of other people. They help us identify if our ears are cold, if we’re happy, what sounds are happening around us, if your child looks sick or if your tummy is full.

There’s so many reasons why the act of mindfulness has really blown up in the last decade. The use of anti-depressants are way up, and that people are more stressed now more than ever. This is resulting in many unhealthy coping methods such as drugs, alcohol, food, gambling and sex. Intercepting our thoughts and feelings help us to stop and acknowledge important details such as, do I really need to eat this? Am I just eating my feelings? What are these feelings? and why do I want to eat them- or push them down ? Am I full ?

By recognizing thoughts and feelings, there is a better chance of making healthier, happier choices.Being aware and in the moment help us to:

1. Be calm and less stressed.

2. Be focussed.

3. Be energized.

4. Be more productive and resourceful

5. Feel healthier.

6. Have more meaningful communication And

7. Feel happier

Meditation is a form of mindfulness. One can sit, stand, lie down while meditating for a pre-determined amount of time. Using all the senses, focus on deep belly breaths, emotions, thoughts, and any body sensations. The relaxation experienced by this is infinite, especially after practice and allowing oneself to just feel and not judge. Our senses always let us know how we feel if we just let them.

Mindfulness is a journey on its own. By visually recognizing the cherry blossoms on the tree is one. Smelling their fragrance is two. Next, hearing the birds chirp, is three and four is on a warm day. This paints a magical picture in ones mind. This naturally creates endorphins, gratitude and joy. Taking a simple walk on a spring day is a wonderful opportunity to exercise mindfulness.

Remember, no judging. It’s imperative to not look at things as either good nor bad, fat nor skinny, tall nor short. These are all subjective, not facts.

Focus on one thing only. Avoid all distractions around you. If you find yourself focusing on more than one thing, that’s ok, start over and proceed. It’s ok, it takes practice.

During these troublesome times around our globe, it’s a great opportunity to get away from these anxious and upsetting thoughts. Explore and use your senses to feel the uplifting, calm, positive and wise parts of your soul. Our higher power will guide you where you need to be. Trust!

Here are a couple acronyms to help if you’re feeling spiritually unwell. This happens, but it’s the tools in our toolbox that push us in the right direction! Let’s start with STOP.


Stop...DO NOT react


Take a step back. Don’t let feelings get in the way


Observe the situation . Observe your thoughts and feelings


Proceed mindfully and with awareness. Consider both parties feelings

This just reminds us to think !!! Like what our moms always taught us; “Think before you speak!“ This keeps us away from making those poor choices! TIP:


Temperature ( hold ice cubes, take a cold shower, put a cold cloth over face)


Intense exercise ( running, dancing )


Progressive muscle relaxation ( tensing all the muscles in your body slowly then releasing)

Tip is a wonderful distraction tool, especially to relieve anxiety.

Make a long list of the most simple to the most extravagant things you like to do!!! These are tools !

Observing our minds can be quite complicated but also, very fascinating!! It offers us the gifts of all our senses, feelings, thoughts and actions ! Our God is a beautiful one for giving us these amazing tools! We, at Seek Purpose, wish you many beautiful meditations and mindful activities!

What is your favourite mindfulness activity? Add below in comments!

Mine is petting my dog !!!🐶😍


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