Struggling with the Juggling

Struggling with the Juggling? Fighting to find a Healthy Balance? Not sure about you, but I think I missed that class somehow?  Where did we pick up or adopt the idea everything needs to be done right now? When did that become our reality?  That deep need to keep up with ‘those Families’.  The panic to take care of Health, making those 3 balanced meals a day, getting at least 30min of exercise in each day..and of course ensuring our kids are too, staying on top of house work, laundry, making those PTA meetings, Community Volunteer Service positions, finding time to keep our Marriage alive, balancing the budget, helping the kids with there homework, really taking time to listen to how they are? Making time for them, helping them balance there days?…Oh! and work,,gosh to pay those damn bills?! What jugglers we become! Can anyone relate out there?  What is going to come crashing down? Some of it is…we can feel it when its about to.  Who even maintains that level of living long term? oh my good gosh..

The expectations of keeping a Healthy Balanced Life can sure bring on stress!  It sure can begin to affect our self esteem, self-worth, and how we can beat ourselves up if we aren’t keeping up with those crazy expectations. The more we try the more we fall and crumble.  

The more we feel overwhelmed, the more we drink, eat, shop, gamble..we pick up to suppress those feelings of inadequacy.  We need to shove those down, we don’t have time to feel, we have shit to get done!  Next thing you know we get sick…really sick..could be a hang-over, could be the flu from not eating well, or overeating, or sick because we just gambled away our rent/mortgage..or emotionally we are just depressed, our emotions feel like we are out of control.  But then..then we remember hearing our friend talking about a Podcast, and how it was so inspirational!

How easy it was to reach out and get involved in the community! Wow, suddenly we remember we aren’t alone, we find others DO struggle! Others DO feel like we do!  The darkness lifts ever so slightly and we are able to grasp onto a little bit of hope.  We listen, and keep listening! We find hope in a click! We find some courage and strength by listening…We take mental notes, we begin to use the little nuggets others have used to get through and we begin to experience our own miracles. We begin to find our Purpose through our broken!   

 What can we do to bring goodness into the day? Breathe..take a minute to Breath.. Be thankful, thankful for the roof over our heads, the food in our belly’s the little bit of change in our pockets and the love available in our community!  Before you know it we are able to experience some precious moments, and we start sharing those with others!  We find courage to reach out and share those moments, those stories! We start using our gifts and talents to help others! We continue to Seek, We continue to Grow, We continue to find the Purpose in our Broken, we create new memories of hope and Inspiration, we become hole again, we become a Community…

Today Seek Purpose is Great and Full because of YOU!! Keep Seeking Thanksgiving..and sharing with us…without you there is no WE.  Thank-you for continuing to BE YOU and NOT THEM


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