Photo By: Brendin Kelly & Meghan O'Rouke

"Being outdoors is our form of meditation. If we have any stress or anxiety it is what we do to relieve that, we definitely found our outlet and our creativity in the outdoors. Things happen for a reason and things fall in place , at times we do stress about things but in time everything works, obviously there are obstacles but everything we worry about today really, in a year from now, none of its going to matter. So that’s a way of coping with stress and anxiety for us. If it doesn’t matter in a year then don’t have to worry about it now."

What Obstacles do you have in your life?

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"The obstacles in our life we have had was really in the beginning of trying to become photographer and model team and get jobs and it was really scary at times. We thought oh I don’t know if we can do this or is this for us? How do people do this?"

"We planned a trip to New Zealand and Australia for four months and when we got back we knew we wouldn’t have very much money left as we quit our jobs before we left. So when we got home we were pretty much broke. And we were like should we do this? Maybe try for at least a couple of months? And three months in we thought maybe this isn’t for us or maybe it’s not going to work out? Maybe we need to look at another job or go back to our jobs we had before we left?"

Photo By: Brendin Kelly

"But it worked out cause we just said no let’s just stick to it and see what happens until we have no money left. We are young and lived at home and didn’t have rent to pay so that was really great. We were definitely in a good spot to take the leap luckily. We are so happy we stuck with it cause we never thought we would be where we are today that is for sure!"

"We managed to take out a loan and bought ‘Twinkie’ a VW Westfalia camper van and went on the road to build content in our portfolio and began building a bigger following from what we had and we got little jobs here and there and we grew more and our rates also grew higher and things kind of snowballed from there and we were finally making ends meet. We didn’t need fancy things we just needed enough to survive. Our content got better as well and the jobs started coming in more. We just wanted to continue to travel and build our portfolio and cover our costs. So yah, that is for sure our biggest obstacle we have gone through." (Listen live on Seek Purpose Now Podcast)

What relationship advise would you give to young couples out there?

"The advise we would have for young couples out there in a relationship is to just be friends and communicate. To have that solid friendship before you get into a relationship. That is for sure what is sustaining our relationship and it keeps getting better because we have such a strong friendship bond, because that person you plan on spending the rest of your life with you have to like them. We also find when you bring each other into your friend circle is just better all around. The other thing is if something is on your mind or bothering you just get it out and over with instead of bottling it up cause it could lead to resentment later on."

Where? How did you learn that at such a young age? (Listen Seek Purpose Now)

"We’ve just discovered that from being together for the past four and half years and also from my parents."

"The way they would talk to me after an argument or whatever my mom would always come right after and tell me the situation and not leave it and that translates into our relationship now because whenever there is something wrong we try and bring it up right away. Just being open and honest is the best way to be, cause then we are on the same page. Communication and friendship are the two main factors for sure."

What tools are you using to stay sane through your journey?

"I think because we are doing what we love it doesn’t really feel like we feel a need to take a break from it? It makes us happy so we really lucked out on that and a lot of our good friends do the same thing. We have such an awesome circle of friends around us who are supportive and doing the same things, so traveling with them has been great."

Photo By: Brendin Kelly

"So it’s not just Brendin and I all the time which is also healthy for our relationship. To have other people and other friendships to lean on too has been good so if we didn’t have those it would be a lot harder I think. Yah I agree it would be more isolated, but we have so many great friends, amazing friends that are doing the same things and traveling with us so we can talk to them if we are having trouble with an obstacle and we can talk it out with them too."

"What we are doing we love and that alone keeps us sane! Just being in nature and taking photos in the most beautiful places in the world is insane! It’s so incredible and we are so lucky to be able to travel and take photos of so many beautiful places. Our followers for sure make us want to do more for them and go to more places. When they message us and comment and let us know we have inspired them to go to places that just makes it all worth it. Or if they can’t go to places or travel but following us and get joy from that, makes us so happy, and that is the drive that keeps us going."

Photo By: Brendin Kelly & Meghan O'Rourke

Putting everything on social media just to inspire others to explore and get outside is such a good feeling. We feel very lucky to do what we do.

To inspire people to even go outside for a walk, for me, is just the main goal for our pages. To get someone to enjoy what is around them and to get outside - that’s a big win for me, for both of us."

You can listen to their Episodes Part One & Part Two on Seek Purpose Now they will go deeper into there Love Story and adventures around the world! Don't forget to also check out @wanderbabez and their You Tube Channel today!


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