Not Today Fear E-Book

Not Today Fear E-Book

Fear is in the air. There is so much uncertainty and we are bombarded with non-stop unsettling news. It can be crippling. This book offers real-life experience and tools that will help you navigate and accept your fear. It empowers you to access the freedom and joy that you desire.

" This book was so relatable and applicable to my life. There are parts that I swore could have come right out of my own mouth. The timing of receiving this book couldn't have been better! Thank you so much for putting your time, energy, love, and soul into these words. Many are going to benefit from them." - Christina

"Writing is engaging and conversational. Fast-paced. This could easily become a course. Such useful tips and exercises. I AM IMPRESSED. That doesn’t happen often. You seriously inspire me so much." - Frances


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